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ASAPer response: Our patented solution sets a new standard

Only MONI provides fast alarm response using ASAPer, our proprietary technology. When an alarm takes place, you’ll be able to communicate in real-time with our alarm center or your contacts through your phone, tablet or computer.



Internet of Things: Use the latest smart-home devices

Whether it’s Amazon Echo or Dot, or Apple TV or Watch, we've got a system that works with the latest technology. No matter how you control it, we’re your experts for customizing a connected home.

Connect Your Home


Smash & grab: Alert occurs even if panel is destroyed

One burglary tactic is to smash a security panel to prevent an alarm signal from ever being sent. But MONI uses 4G LTE wireless technology that alerts us if the system suddenly goes offline before sending a “disarmed” or “emergency” signal.


Insurance savings: You could trim as much as 20% from your premium

Insurance providers know that a security system and devices like freeze/flood detectors or smoke alarms can keep a minor incident from becoming a catastrophe. Ask your provider how much a MONI system can save each month.

Free move: A new system for your new home

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security. With our free move program, get a Smart Security system for your new home and keep your current rate.

Move Program

$10 off Monthly Service + Free Amazon Dot!

Smart Panel

$10 off Monthly Service + Free Amazon Dot!

Smart Panel