MONI Smart Security and Amazon Echo create the perfect connected home

Echo features Alexa, your voice controlled smart-home assistant

Say hello to Alexa, the Echo’s voice-controlled assistant

She does more than just play music or answer questions. With compatible smart-home equipment, Alexa can also:


Arm the alarm system


Lock the front door


Turn on the porch light


Make it 2 degrees warmer


Close the garage door


Dim the bedroom light to 30%

Invite Alexa into your home now by installing a MONI home automation system.


Echo makes your life simpler and easier

Just wake her up by saying her name, and Alexa will do all sorts of things. Whether she’s playing music from your favorite apps, giving you the news, looking up facts or even waking you up in the morning, she’s bound to become a valuable member of the family.

But the Echo isn’t a novelty. It’s a serious smart-home device that’s practical, versatile and easy to use. That’s why we’re offering Echo free as part of a MONI home automation system.

FREE Camera or SkyBell
& Security System

Smart Panel

FREE Camera or SkyBell
& Security System

Smart Panel


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