“MONI” is the new Monitronics

by User Not Found | Nov 01, 2016

A new name, cool logo and aggressive attitude have put our old brand in the rear-view mirror

We’ve been protecting customers with outstanding home security for more than 20 years. That kind of track record is a good thing, but the time has come to shake things up. Especially in today’s disruptive security industry – with its increasing emphasis on home automation and the “Internet of Things” – no company can afford to stand still.

That’s why we have introduced MONI as our new brand, along with a new logo. We went through hundreds of options, and came up with a catchy, easy-to-remember name and an attractive, updated look. The fact that “Moni” has always been a sort of shorthand version of our name made the choice that much easier. It also helps to reassure everyone that our ownership is the same: We’re still the same company that more than 1 million customers trust with their security.

Look behind the name and logo, though, and you’ll see profound change.

Months of planning

MONI resulted from extensive collaboration with marketing, digital, and public relations partners to understand how our company was positioned in the market, and perceived by our customers. Among other things, we discovered that consumers want more than just “good.” They want “great.” That led us to create MONI’s three “Brand Pillars” as a commitment to our customers:

  • Customer intimacy. We will connect with our customers, giving them a personalized experience that will make it even easier to do business with us. We will be committed to faster call answering (less than 30 seconds) and first-call resolution. Over time, we will also be adding customer-centric tools like a redesigned website and live online assistance.
  • Faster response. We understand that in an emergency, every moment matters. Later this year, we’ll be rolling out patented technology that we believe will give us the fastest response times in the industry. It’s called ASAPer, and you’ll be hearing more about it in the coming months.
  • Comprehensive security. Not all consumers know that our security and smart-home technology solutions integrate with Amazon Echo, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. We’re adding new technology all the time. That’s exactly what consumers want, and we will be their provider of choice.

A journey, not a destination

Even though many of the changes have been in place for months, MONI marks a new chapter of our company’s story. We’re proud of what we have achieved in the past 20 years, and now we’re excited about the potential.

We protect the well-being of our customers, and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly. But they will be able to depend on MONI for more than just security. We will be their source for technology solutions that can secure and enhance their lives. We will deliver customer satisfaction that they will tell their friends about. And we will dedicate ourselves to setting an industry standard for alarm response.

It’s an ambitious journey, but we won’t be satisfied until we get there.

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