5 tips to be a better neighbor on National Good Neighbor Day

by User Not Found | Sep 28, 2017

In today’s digital world, our lives seem to move faster every day, which often makes our main connection with others a “like” or online comment. Many of us barely seem to have time to be with our own families, which makes taking time to chat or get together with your neighbors nearly impossible at times.

That is why Becky Mattson of Lakeside, Montana created National Good Neighbor Day in the early 70’s. Becky wanted to inspire people to connect with each other and recognize that having and being a good neighbor can be a very important part of our lives.

Here are a few things we think Becky would have wanted all of us to do to create a more cohesive and positive community.

  1. Host a neighborhood block party

    This is a simple way to feel a little closer to those around you.  You can easily present the idea to a couple of neighbors and have them help spread the word. Getting everyone together will give the entire community a chance to connect and make new friends. This can really come in handy when it’s time to go out of town and you would like someone to keep an eye on your home and your pets while you’re away.

  2. Invite your neighbors over for a meal

    Getting everyone together – no matter if it’s for a bucket of chicken or a five course meal – will allow for stimulating conversation and a chance to better connect with people you see so often. The improved bond from this experience can prove valuable if you’re ever in need of some random tool like a tree trimmer or fi you need to borrow some sugar.

  3. Offer to watch your neighbor’s children or pets

    This is one of the best ways to show you care about someone, and they will surely be thankful for the freedom to take off for a weekend to relax. Extending an offer like this almost always results in the extension of a similar offer to allow extra freedom and ease in your life when you may need it most.

  4. Help your neighbors with some yard work

    Simply offering to help trim the grass, rake some leaves, or shovel a driveway will help to improve your neighborhood image and comradery with the people you see all the time but rarely have a chance to interact with. Who knows they may even offer to pay you with a steak dinner!

  5. Simply extend a hello or wave to your neighbor

We are all busy and caught up in our own hectic lives, but sometimes the simplest of smiles or waves can brighten someone’s day in ways we can’t imagine.

At MONI we work tirelessly to help keep you and your loved ones safe, but effective home security extends beyond your front door. Sometimes the best solution is to befriend those around you and have each other’s backs. That is why Good Neighbor Day was created and we hope these tips give you some ideas on how you can be a better neighbor.

Have some additional tips of your own? Comment below; we would love to hear them.  

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