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When there's an alarm, will you be ready?

You might be away from home or stuck without your phone. When there’s an alarm, time is too precious to waste. Whenever you need us, our highly trained alarm response team will know what to do.

Here's what happens during an alarm:


The Nest Guard base alerts MONI and notifies you via the Nest app

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We work quickly to determine the nature of the alarm


If necessary, we’ll contact help immediately


We'll stay involved until the alarm is resolved

Expertise and experience make all the difference

Our Alarm Response Center handles over 2 million alarms a year. We’ve been doing it successfully for nearly 25 years. And our exclusive ASAPer technology can keep you connected during an alarm with MONI and your emergency contacts.

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Even if things go wrong, we've still got your back

You're getting more than just monitoring, with no extra charge


Cellular backup

Nest Secure works over Wi-Fi, but we'll keep monitoring your home if you lose Wi-Fi , internet or power


Battery switchover

If the power goes out, Nest Secure keeps working for up to 12 hours, thanks to built-in battery backup.


Smash protection

Even if a burglar destroys your Nest Gaurd security base, our Alarm Response Center gets a signal.

Flexible professional monitoring plans to fit your life

You can go month-to-month or choose a longer term. Either way, you'll get our lowest monitoring rates.

$ 19 /mo.

3 year agreement

Save up to $360 over month-to-month

$ 29 /mo.


You get a great rate with no long-term commitment