Frequently Asked Questions

Home automation system requirements

Computer: Windows or Mac

Home network: Wireless router with at least one available Ethernet port. WPS encryption is strongly recommended, although WEP, WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal also are supported.

PLEASE NOTE: Cellular broadband connections are not supported because of bandwidth restrictions.

Mobile devices: Any Android phone with Android 4.4 and above; iPhone 4S or newer.

Computers and browsers

I can control my home automation from my iPhone and iPad with the app, but can I control it from my Mac PC?

Yes as long as you're using OS X v10.4 or later, and the latest version of Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome is currently not supported.

Does it matter which browser I use? And why do I have to use the latest version?

Yes. Our home automation is designed to work on the latest versions of Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome is not supported at this time. Regardless of which browser you're using, it's always advisable to stay up to date to make sure you're getting the best performance. It will also help the technician during your installation.

How can I tell if my browser is already up to date?

Perform the update as instructed. That way, you’ll know for sure that it’s the latest version.

Will my antivirus software affect functionality?

No, although you may have to check with your Internet Service Provider to make sure that there are no firewall restrictions. Ask your technician when they arrive for the installation.

Mobile Devices

If I’m using my cellular service (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) to access home automation (instead of being connected through a wireless network), will I notice any speed issues?

Video takes a tremendous amount of bandwidth, so you may notice some hesitation in the picture you’re receiving. All other commands – turning lights on and off, lock and unlocking doors, and so on – should work the same.

For mobile usage, do I need the app, or can I just access it with the browser on my mobile phone or tablet?

Use the app. It’s made specifically for the device, so it provides the best user experience. Also, if you download the app, the technician can demonstrate how to use it.

Internet speed

What if my internet speed isn’t fast enough to support video?

Video is one of the most valuable features of our home automation, so contact your Internet provider and see about upgrading your service. Upload bandwidth is what’s important, since that determines the speed that your video signal travels to your device. Many providers will provide faster service for a minimal monthly fee.

What if I have trouble determining the internet speed?

Contact your internet provider, and they can guide you through the process. Every system is different, so it’s best to contact your provider instead of Monitronics.

Why is it important that I know my internet speed, and remember to tell the technician?

You’ll be saving valuable time for yourself and the technician, since speed determines whether video can be used or not. It’s also a good idea to know your router password.

Other things to know about home automation


  • Cameras mounted more than 50 feet from the router could require the purchase of a wifi repeater/extender.
  • Outdoor cameras are designed to be installed under an overhang or a roof. They are not meant to be exposed to direct sunlight or rain.

Door Locks, Thermostats, and Lamp Modules

  • Home automation is made possible through use of a technology called “Z-Wave” which allows your “Z-wave” compatible devices to be controlled remotely.
  • Before having a “Z-wave” thermostat installed, be sure to contact your HVAC service provider to determine which type of system you have installed (i.e., heat pump, electric, gas, etc.).
  • Verify that your HVAC system is working correctly for both heating and air conditioning before requesting to have a “Z-wave” thermostat installed.
  • Lamp Modules can be plugged into an outlet and then have a lamp or appliance connected to it which can then be controlled through your HomeTouch services. Lamp Modules also serve as a “Z-wave” repeater.
  • For optimal performance your “Z-wave” door locks should be no more than 20-30 feet away from either the main control panel or a Z-wave repeater/Lamp Module.
  • Z-wave light switches and electrical outlets can be installed by a licensed electrician and later added to the system for remote control by the customer.