MONI holds the key to your connected home

Here are some smart-home devices we love to work with

Amazon Echo is leading the smart-home revolution

We all know Amazon Echo can order a pizza or answer trivia questions. But MONI technology can make Echo the cornerstone of a connected home, with voice control over locks, lights and even your security system. We’re also good friends with the Amazon Dot, as well as Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Sturdy smart locks bring convenience to your door

Even the smartest home is vulnerable without dependable door locks. That’s why MONI features trusted brands like Kwikset, August and Yale. Lock or unlock them by smartphone, and get event-based texts and alerts. You can also create a usage log, or grant temporary access to neighbors or family members.


Use Nest to keep cool, stay warm or save energy

Nest is another big name in the smart-home revolution. That’s why you also can control your heating and cooling, or program your thermostat with your smartphone. Tweaking the temperature can help keep your energy bills lower each month.

Your garage door opener just got a lot smarter

The days of leaving your driveway and worrying about whether you forgot to close your garage door are over. A garage door controller lets you check it with your smartphone from almost anywhere, and open or close it as needed.

MONI App - Garage

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