Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Wireless systems with indoor and outdoor security cameras: Seeing is believing

A video doorbell doubles as
a wireless security camera

Not all visitors are welcome. That’s why home surveillance cameras are essential for your security, and why the SkyBell HD security camera doorbell is an important piece of a MONI wireless security camera system.

SkyBell HD is a wireless security cam. When someone’s at the door, use your smartphone to see, hear and speak to them from almost anywhere. SkyBell plays a huge role in any surveillance camera protection strategy.

Surveillance cameras
focus on what’s important

A home security camera system does more than just protect. You can also use surveillance cameras to keep an eye on kids, pets and property with live or recorded video. Let MONI put together a system with the best wireless home security cameras.

Home surveillance cameras
can discourage intruders

A home security camera system is also a proven burglary deterrent. In a survey of 422 convicted burglars, more than 40 percent said surveillance cameras as part of a wireless security camera system would make them find another target. That’s why MONI offers the best cameras for home security as part of any customized security camera system.

Wireless security cameras
bring ease and flexibility

Video surveillance cameras used to be expensive and difficult to install. But sleek wireless security cameras from MONI can be positioned almost anywhere without the hassle of drilling holes or running wires. A home security camera system doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

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