The MONI Story

MONI is the New Monitronics

“MONI” is the new name for Monitronics, one of the security industry’s most trusted and established providers. “MONI” is short, fast, approachable—just like the company we have become.

MONI is intensely focused on being the fastest, most comprehensive and customer-focused brand in the security industry. We’re rapidly rolling out new customer service and product improvements — like a simpler, faster call center and the industry’s fastest alarm-response technology.

We’re here to help you feel safer — and to be safer.

MONI Is Built On Three Big Ideas

Our name has changed, but our commitment to home security hasn’t. MONI has been around for more than 20 years, and 1 million customers trust us with their safety. That includes everybody from first-time home buyers to people who paid off their mortgage years ago.

Fastest Response


Comprehensive Security


Why are you changing? Why the new identity?

MONI is intensely focused on providing our customers with faster response, a comprehensive suite of products and services, and an unwavering dedication to service and satisfaction.

Our new identity reflects our enhanced commitment to deliver more of the security-enhancing, smart, connected products and services our customers have told us they want. And the name “MONI” is shorter, faster and simpler, which matches our goal of providing the quickest and most efficient customer service in the industry.

What other changes are happening?

Over the past year we have made multiple changes that make it easier than ever to do business with MONI. For example a new, more Interactive Voice Response system, faster call center response times, and a commitment to resolving requests and issues on your first call.

Now and in the future, we are developing and deploying multiple new products and services that give you more of what you want from MONI: faster response, greater control, more useful information to enhance your personal security and a broader selection of smart home solutions that increase your sense of personal security.

Will the customer portal URL change? Can I still use my login?

The login to the customer portal can be found on in the top right corner. You also can use Your login credentials will not change. Click here to log in to the customer portal.

Faster response is important; how will you achieve that goal?

MONI will soon offer our patented ASAPer technology that will enable faster response times than the industry average in the event of an alarm. ASAPer will be deployed in the first quarter of 2017.

Is this going to be a hassle or disrupt my service?

No. Your service will continue without interruption; no action is required on your part.

How are these changes going to impact me?

Introducing MONI as the new Monitronics is the first step in providing better services to our customers. We are bringing you customer service improvements, product improvements and functional improvements. Customer service improvements are already in place with faster call answering and faster call resolution.

We are also delivering more products and services to help you increase your personal safety. Many new smart home technologies have been released and are on their way to give you more control and visibility into your personal security.

Does a technician have to come to my home to change equipment?

No, you will not have to make any changes to your current equipment to continue using your MONI service. We do have several new product offers though, if you’re interested. Click here to see what we’ve added to our product portfolio.

You might see yard signs with our new logo in your neighborhood, and we’d love for you to have one, too. Call 800-447-9239 to get a new yard sign and window decal.

Will the website URL change?

Yes, our new website is However, a redirect has been set up so that automatically takes you to the new site when entered into your browser. None of your website portal login information will be changed, so you will be able to enter your account as normal.